Who We Are

Meryl Alcabes Photography 2016 Fedora Katz for Jewish In Seattle-4125 (1)
   Fedora Katz   DDS

I am a third year orthodontic resident at the University of Washington. I have the vision in which we shape the future of our profession through passion and powerful relationships between orthodontists, residents and specialists in other fields. “The Power Chain” promotes excellence, support and positive vibes to the members. May you enjoy our community!

Mina Katchooi DDS

I am currently in my third year of residency at University of Washington. I believe sharing the knowledge and expertise not only brings us together but also pushes the profession forward to a better future for all of us. “The Power Chain” is a place to start closing the gaps in the orthodontic community. Cheers to the bright future of our profession!

We are grateful to all the wonderful people who have contributed to this community project. ThePowerChain is developed based  on your support and collaboration.

The list keeps growing…

We are looking for passionate and committed members  to join our team. Please let us know if you are interested in joining us !


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