Moment of Force

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

Song created by our talented patient Verli Chen

ThePowerChain is an educational platform created for passionate orthodontists: from the young resident to the seasoned and experienced orthodontist. 


Currently, Mina Katchooi and Fedora Katz (both third year residents at University of Washington, Seattle orthodontic residency program) are the developers of this projects. We are inviting everyone to join us! We are looking forward to engage residents, faculty and practitioners from around the world. We are also looking for interested individuals to expand our leadership team.  Are you committed, dedicated and passionate about building the future of orthodontics? Let us know and we will include you in our developing team.


We are creating an online platform for teaching and learning about orthodontics. This is an educational website where we share ideas about orthodontics. This project stands for excellence, quality, education and sense of community. We spread and invent ideas, visions, clinical tips, interesting articles and so much more. The possibilities are infinite. Push your imagination, have fun, stretch your boundaries to close the gaps between us.


We believe that we can create by design the future of orthodontics and it starts with people and communities like us. The reasons to build this project are infinite. It is a process that is fun, rewarding, creative, inspiring, educational, engaging and generous, … you name it!


  • To build an orthodontic community and sense of support by closing the gaps between us
  • To share knowledge and wisdom with orthodontists all around the world
  • To create a long lasting source of knowledge in orthodontics
  • To increase access to this source of knowledge for orthodontists in most remote areas
  • To positively impact as many orthodontic practices as possible through education
  • To ultimately increase the quality of orthodontic care in areas with limited access to the wealth of knowledge that is available to us.


We are inviting the orthodontic community to contribute and be part of our project. There are many ways to contribute. Think of the following:

  • Writing articles and posts
  • Summarizing recent or classical papers
  • Sharing interesting cases
  • Personal opinions about orthodontic topics
  • Clinical tidbits
  • Practice management pearls
  • Following the blog and giving us your input and comments
  • Join our Facebook group
  • Financial support to keep the website running
  • … or simply sharing the project with your colleagues. You never know who might benefit from a word of support or a drop of wisdom.


  • We avoid marketing products and services. We keep direct and indirect advertising out of our website. Any money raised from our supporters or contributors will be spent to maintain and improve the website.
  • We will post articles and information without any bias or dogma, anyone is free to comment and argue the opposite. We can have agreements and respectful disagreements. Our website is a friendly environment to exchange ideas.
  • We carefully avoid and watch for plagiarism,by citing sources, acknowledging the original authors and providing our audience with the information necessary to find that source.
  • Anything borrowed from elsewhere will be written in quotation marks with citing the correct reference.
  • Material sent to us from various authors will be posted by us under their names and with their permission.
  • We are HIPAA compliant. We will not post any patient information. Clinical photographs and X-rays will be de-identified prior to being published on the website.


Mina and Fedora